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Top-Spiele für alle Konsolen und PC. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic How to import your save from Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2 Step One. Select Mass Effect 2 Launcher then click Play. Step Two. Click Configure. Step Three. Click the Copy Mass Effect 1 Save Games button. Step Four. The correct folder should already be selected as in the picture. If for some reason. Mass Effect 2 - Charakterimport - So übernehmt ihr euer Savegame aus Teil Eins Wie ihr euren Helden aus Mass Effect in Mass Effect 2 importieren könnt und warum ihr es unbedingt tun solltet lest.

Step 2 Navigate to your Your PC > Documents > Bioware > Mass Effect 2 > Save > ME1 folder. Drop the Char_01 file which was downloaded in step 1 into this folder. Note: If you have not imported any ME1 saves since installing ME2, you may need to create the Save > ME1 folder.-----Step 3 Run Mass Effect 2 and click New Game. -----Step 4 Click Import ME1 Character Alternatively, run Mass Effect 2 on the old Xbox to import the character, then save the game and move the resulting save file to the new Xbox. For Xbox 360 units without hard drives, such as the Arcade unit: Importing a Mass Effect save works for any and all devices and Xbox 360 SKUs. Game saves can be transferred to new Xbox 360s with the exception of the final Mass Effect autosave at the end of the game. So, if you are transferring game saves to a new 360, it will work, but you will have. #MassEffect2 #Save #ImportHow to import your Mass Effect 1 save-game into Mass Effect 2

As pointed out by GameSpot, you can head to the Documents folder on your PC and select Bioware, where you'll see all the developers' games lined up. You can then select either Mass Effect 2 or Mass Effect 3 and then select one of your characters to copy paste into the corresponding folder in Legendary Edition One of the big innovations of the ME series was the ability to import save files between the games that are now housed in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Choices made in the first game were saved to your character and imported into Mass Effect 2, with its save file then importing into the third game in the franchise. All your actions and decisions then came to factor into the conclusion in some way, though some players found it a bit of a let down. Still, you can replicate this.

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But if you're playing via Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the save data will be transferred automatically whenever you load up Mass Effect 2 as long as you don't delete it on your platform. It's as.. Spieletipps: Tipps zu Mass Effect 2 Level 30 (Maximum) erreichen, auch ohne Savegame-Import oder Neues Spiel + In Mass Effect 2 gibt es einen kleinen Trick Level 30 zu erreichen In this video i show you how to import your character from Mass Effect 1 into Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 2: Charakter wählen Quelle: PC Games Starten Sie das Spiel. Im Hauptmenü wählen Sie Neues Spiel und dort ME1 Charakter importieren. Nun finden Sie alle Charaktere vor, die Sie.

Mass Effect 2 Saves. Whether you are here to upload a save or download a save, please read below for important information!-----October 8, 2019 There's a new update on the main Mass Effect Saves page! * PC Users: After you download, visit the Mass Effect 2 Import Walkthrough to know how to import your save into Mass Effect 3 Hab ME2 also deinstalliert und neu aufgespielt. Diesmal aber nicht über das Konfigtool die Saves lesen lassen, sondern eben manuell verschoben. Dann ME2 ganz normal gestartet, Neues Spiel, ME1 Charakter importieren. Man muss halt darauf achten, wirklich alle Saves aus ME1 1:1 in den ME1-Ordner im ME2-Savegameordner zu kopieren Anyways, I have started all new characters, and I would like to use them on Mass Effect 2. However, I am unable to import them. When I try, I get the message, A sign-in change occurred. Sign out of your gamer profile to continue. I do that and get A storage device that was in use has been disconnected. You must reconnect the storage device to continue. I have already removed my profile from my Xbox One and reinstalled it, along with deleting my Xbox 360 storage cache from the console as. Open MassEffect2Config and go to 'Save Games'. Then click 'Copy Mass Effect 1 Save Games'. You then have to locate the folder with ME1 saves. The default location is Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect\Save

Just follow the steps below to import those old saves: Launch ME2 or ME3, and start a new game. This will create the folders needed to import the saves. As soon as the cinematic starts, players can.. Here is my female level 60 Commander Shepard savegame that can be imported in Mass Effect 2 (or Mass Effect 1 if you so desire). URL to the file: http://www.mediafire.com/?khgyvtdnjej Usable facts for Mass Effect 2 in case you import my savegame there: Level 60 Background: Spacer/War Hero. Played trough Mass Effect as a Paragon with no renegade choices

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  1. If you use Gibbed's Mass Effect 2 Save Editor, under the Plot tab you can change/add any ME1 import data to a ME2 save. Just make sure that Played Mass Effect 1 is checked under Player. Then you can explore the Mass Effect 1 sub-tab and change any flags/values to the result that you want. It won't take effect until you start a new game by importing this edited ME2 save, but you can.
  2. Mass Effect 2 save to Mass Effect 3100% WalktroughAll codex entries obtainedSave game details- Default Male Shepard look- Earthborn/War Hero/Soldier/Shock Trooper/Geth Shield Boost- lvl 30- 1500 paragon and 1500 renegade points. I used every interrupt both paragon and renegade
  3. From what I've heard, just create a folder called Annakie01 in your Documents --> Bioware --> Mass Effect Legendary Edition --> Save --> ME1 folder, and drop that save in there. Load it in your game, then go through the cutscene
  4. Bioware enthüllt: Savegames aus Mass Effect können für Mass Effect 2 verwendet werden. PC Games erklärt, was übernommen wird
  5. Installed but I tried to import my ME1 save which will not work then I find out that there is no Bioware/Mass Effect 2 folder in my documents. I cannot even find where my ME2 game is currently saving a game i started without the import. I've done searches on my pc with no luck. I do not have cloud save enabled

Fangen wir bei den Grundlagen an: Um die Möglichkeit zu haben, euren Mass Effect 2-Spielstand in den dritten Teil zu übertragen, braucht ihr ein Savegame vom Ende des Spiels. Es reicht nicht. - You will be able to rank up your weapons to level 10 (it caps at level 5 in your first play through) - You will be level 53 at the start (the highest you can import from any ME 2 save file is level 30) Just a FYI, the following decisions made zero difference: - Whether or not you saved the council... the council members are the same people regardless (which are not the same council members from 1 or 2). It is still 1 Asari, 1 Turian and 1 Salarian, even if it was supposed to be a human.

Mass Effect 2 - Savegame-Import aus Mass Effect 1 - So

This past summer, we learned that Mass Effect 2 players could import save files from the previous entry in the franchise, bringing all of the decisions made in the first game into the sequel I'm trying to import my savegame of Mass Effect 2 to Mass Effect 3. I put it in the correct folder and the game finds it normally, but I can't select it. I pick Michael Shepard (my character) and it shows the game date it was played, but I can't select it. I keep pressing the select button but nothing works If you're starting Mass Effect: Legendary Edition but want to have your original Mass Effect 2 and 3 characters make the jump, you're in luck. With save data importing, you can do just that, but.

How do i import Mass Effect 1 saved games into Mass Effect 2? As revealed by the developers, the choices you made in Mass Effect 1 can affect your story progress in Mass Effect 2. If you have at least one complete playthrough on ME1, you can import the saves to ME2 and continue from where you left off (not having saved games does not mean you'll miss out on anything in ME2 though) Mass effect 2 save import problem. HELP. Hello guys, I finally finished ME1 as I'm going for a full run, side missions and all. So I went to play 2 today, I imported my character from 1 with no problem, only to find out that in 2 his hair and his beard are a whole different shade of the same colour. It's kind of obvious though, because his beard is super light and his hair more on the darker.

With the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition on the horizon, many fans are wondering if they will be able to import saves from the old version of the game into the new. After BioWare's original announcement on N7 Day, the developers noted there were some aspects that made such an import possible, but at the time, it created a lot of unwanted bugs and glitches Seit ein paar Tagen schon ist rev25 vom Mass Effect 2 Savegame Editor draussen, wie im Tweet von Gibbed zu lesen war. Interessant an dieser Version ist, dass man einige Story-Variablen in den Spielständen ändern kann. Zum Beispiel ob man die Rschni-Queen gerettet hat und vieles mehr. Ausserdem kann man die einzelnen Squadmitglieder aktivieren, wiederbeleben etc. Interessant ist zum Beispiel. It seems that, unlike the first game, Mass Effect 2 (inexplicably) has a save limit. I currently have 50 full save slots and the game will not let me make any others. In ME1, there was a PC tweak w.. EXTRA: Mass Effect 2 has a savegame limit of 50 save slots per character for some reason. I took the liberty of raising that limit to 40k+ slots per character with all versions of this mod and its patches. Installation This mod REQUIRES to be installed with at least version 6.2.2 (Build 116) of Mass Effect Mod Manager by Mgamerz. This mod must be installed BEFORE any texture mods such. Gibbed's save editor for mass effect 2! Easy to use and enjoy! This save editor can edit your character , resources paragon/renegade points name credits etc. ! This save editor can also edit mass effect 1 events and add squad members and complete their loyality missions with simple click! Preview. Comments. 123rune20 Jun 21 2010. Nice, thank you. I used an earlier version of this that couldn't.

Click the folder icon in it's menu and navigate to where Mass Effect 2 stores saves: Documents > BioWare > Mass Effect 2 > Save; Select the character file you wish to edit and the most recent save. Click open and the box will disappear and you'll see your Shepard's information has been loaded into the Player > Basic tab. Once you've opened the correct save in Gibbed, we're ready to. Frog Fractions 2 wants you to import your Mass Effect 2 save file into the game. New, 15 comments. Plus, a couple of other neat finds. By Julia Alexander Dec 27, 2016, 2:32pm EST. Save and load your savegame into the game to see the changes. How to change your class mid-game (and/or give yourself talent points): 1. In-game calculate how much Talent Points your character would have after a respec and write it up, then load the savegame you want to modify with Gibbed's Mass Effect 2 Save Editor. 2. Under the Raw tab, [-] 2. Squad, and a expanded [+] Player located. I'm asking because in the original release of Mass Effect 3 on the Xbox 360, if you imported a save from Mass Effect 2 with, say... a Level 30 character, you would start ME3 at Level 30 with all of your talent points intact.. Obviously this wasn't done for imported saves from ME1 to ME2 on the Xbox 360, what with ME2 having a smaller level cap and a radically different progression system

Mass Effect 2: Der Charakter-Import - Alter Shepard im neuen Abenteuer - so geht's! Auf einer Seite Inhaltsverzeichnis. Auf einer Seite Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 2. Jetzt mit Plus alles auf einer. Mass Effect 2 Wähle ein Thema, eine Plattform und/oder Schlagwörter, um die besten Suchergebnisse zu erhalten Thema wählen Codes und Aktionen Datenschutz Spielinformationen Mein Konto verwalten Fehlende Inhalte Bestellungen Softwarefehler melden Bedenken oder Belästigungen melden Kundendienst Gewährleistun Imported Saves from ME1 - Romance VersionVideo Quality 1080p 60fp Mass Effect 2 SaveGame Editor - Funktioniert das? SPOILER. Ersteller des Themas Marchri; Erstellungsdatum 11. April 2015 ; M. Marchri Cadet 4th Year. Dabei seit Jan. 2015 Beiträge 95. 11. April. Mass Effect 2 Savegame Editor Mass Effect 2 - Hilfe - Tipps, Krieg der Galaxien noch hinzu,dass die Funktion, bestimmte Ereignisse aus dem 1. ob man einen Mass Effect 2 Spielstand erstellt hat(Rat ist tot und Udina.

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I re-installed the first Mass Effect on the PC to create a save to import into Mass Effect 2, but when I go to load ME1 Import it claimed there was no save data. I went to Program Files to check and found NO Mass Effect folder ANYWHERE, only the second Mass Effect game. After 16 days this may be a little late but in case you haven't already found them you're looking in the wrong place. Save. Mass Effect 2's save game import features explained . Save Game Import * Upon starting a new game from the main menu, players can import a character save from Mass Effect 1 * The Player chooses which character to bring in. Bringing in more than one character is possible, this will create a second or additional profile(s), just like in Mass Effect 1. * For Xbox 360 players need to be signed. How to Import a Mass Effect 3 Character. Bonuses. Here are the bonuses you can get from importing a Mass Effect 2 save file. Your level from Mass Effect 2 will carry over to Mass Effect 3 There is a Mass effect 2 save editor, it lets you set the parameters of the ending of ME1. I'm not sure if this needs to be done early on into ME2 tho, for them to carry over into mass effect 3. All the parameters i set for mass effect 1/2 aren't picked up on the import to ME3, only the ones i actually did do

Mass Effect 3 on Xbox 360 will not allow you to import Mass Effect 2 saves from the cloud, EA has confirmed. Local ME2 save files that have been moved from another Xbox 360 via the cloud are also. Mass-effect - Is there Mass Effect 2 ultimate playthrough in regards to Mass Effect 3 import mass-effect-2 mass-effect-3 If I start a Mass Effect 2 game from scratch, keeping in mind that the save is ultimately intended for import to Mass Effect 3, where I'd want to have the best available resources (e.g skills, equipment, available crew members), which decisions should I keep in mind Mass Effect 2 save files look something like this: John_10_Vanguard_110310 Jane_13_Soldier_100811 Xbox 360: There is an issue that might prevent importing your Xbox 360 save from the second Mass Effect into Mass Effect 3. ME3 does support cloud saving for new or imported ME2 saves, but it does not support importing endgame saves directly from the cloud. This issue can also cause a problem in. Mass Effect 2 has the most high-stakes endgame missions in the entire sci-fi RPG series. After players amass a formidable crew of space-faring explorers with Commander Shepard, they'll embark on the infamous Suicide Mission, leading to the game's grand finale. Shepard and his squadmates partner with a shadowy pro-human organization called Cerberus to infiltrate and destroy the headquarters of.

When importing into Mass Effect 3, you get to pick the actual save to import (i.e., quick, auto, or manual). Your save is always current, so there should be no worry about keeping your save updated, other than simply saving normally from playing the game Evidently, Mass Effect 2 saves that were sent to the cloud cannot be imported into Mass Effect 3. Fortunately, there is a work-around. Fortunately, there is a work-around Mass Effect 2 — Сохранение / SaveGame (100% все пройдено, солдат, 100% герой)) 7 апреля 2017. 700. Сохранения. Mass Effect 2 — Сохранение / SaveGame (Солдат, 30 ур, герой, игра пройдена на 100%) 7 апреля 2017. 396. Сохранения. Mass Effect 2 — Сохранение (Шепард.

Mass Effect 2 Cheat Codes: ----- Submitted by: David K. Cheat mode: ----- Use a text editor to edit the Coalesced.ini file in the \Program Files\Team JPN\ Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked directory. Change the indicated lines in the file to their new values to unlock the corresponding cheat function. Effect Original line Modified line ----- No reloads - AmmoPerShot=1 - AmmoPerShot=0. Do you have Mass Effect 2 owned, if you do try uploading it the cloud, that could help depending on the situation. Or if you have a disk of ME3 your Xbox One you should be able to play it, if you have a digital copy of it head to the Xbox Store, get ME3 on the Xbox then take the Mass Effect 2 save that you put on the cloud and start from there. To import save games on the Xbox 360, the game must be played on the hard drive the saved game was completed on, since it is not possible to transfer the file that Mass Effect 2 imports using the Xbox 360's file management tools (although it is possible when transferring the entire contents of the drive using a transfer cable). As it is possible to transfer regular save files using the Xbox. Powers in Mass Effect 2 are a set of abilities that can be improved as you progress in the game. These Powers can be used to attack enemies or to defend you and your squad. As you gain experience, you acquire Squad Points that you can spend to improve aspects of your character. The Powers available to you and your squad are determined by the Class selected in Character Creation Mass Effect 2 gives Shepards of each gender a variety of options to romance in the game. There are a total of 12 relationships that you can have in the game, with a number of side relationships.

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Patch 1.01 für Mass Effect 2 Changes to 1.01-Fixed video hitching and crashes related to single core machines. -Single core users may experience short periods of black screen that may last up a. Gespeicherte Ryder-Figur kann auch von anderen Spielern importiert werden. Nachdem bekannt wurde, dass die Gesichtsanimationen in Mass Effect: Andromeda mitunter etwas seltsam aussehen, versuchten viele Spieler Figuren zu erschaffen, bei denen die Mimik etwas natürlicher aussieht Related: Mass Effect 2: Best Mission Order From the start of Mass Effect 2, the Normandy can store up to 30 probes at a time, and Shepard can purchase more in different systems around the galaxy.However, with a ship upgrade, they will be able to double that number, carrying and purchasing up to 60 probes at a time to allow them to explore more planets and pick up more resources easily

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Gameplay. Mass Effect 2 is a single-player action role-playing game in which the player takes the role of Commander Shepard from a third-person perspective.Shepard's gender, appearance, military background, combat-training, and first name are determined by the player before the game begins. The player may choose to import a character from a completed saved game of the original Mass Effect or. Mass Effect 3 does not use an import save game data in the same way that one could import save game data from Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2. Instead, it detects an existing Mass Effect 2 save games folder (as if Mass Effect 2 was installed and completed). Therefore there should be no issue as long as the same computer used to complete Mass Effect 2 is used to start a new game in Mass Effect 3 Mass Effect 2 is the sequel to BioWare's hit space-based role-playing game (RPG), Mass Effect.A single player adventure, Mass Effect 2 allows players to continue the adventures of the fully customizable series hero, Commander Shepard, as you take on a whole new adventure and cast of supporting characters. Features new to this latest release in the franchise include the ability to import game. I downloaded and placed the ME1 saves in the ME1 save folder. I then put in the ME2 disk. I hit configure and there's an import ME1 save option. I then just did what it told me to do. Also, I uninstalled Mass Effect, but left the saves. Less space used that way Hallo habe jetz die ganze zeit Mass Effect 1 und 2 noch auf mein Pc intalliert wegen den savegame kann ich das spiel deinstallieren ohne die savegames zu verlieren um es in mass effect 3 und später 4 für meinen charakter importieren zu lassen oder muss ich die jetz immer auf mein pc installiert lassen und somit meine festplatte zumüllen

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition allows players to use their old save games from Mass Effect 2 and 3, but not from the original Mass Effect. By Peter Sitkowski Published 7 days ago Share Share Tweet. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is blowing up, but in a good way.The iconic franchise has been given a new lease on life, and tons of players are getting into it. If you're playing through all three of these new games, you might want to import your character in Mass Effect Legendary Edition between games.This is something the original Xbox 360 and PC releases supported, since the three games. Know any trick with the Gibbed's Mass Effect 2 Save Editor not mentioned here? Well, just post it to: okogawa@hotmail.com with topic: Gibbed Guide and the. I have to open an ME2 save game in the editor, right? But yeah, after you beat Mass Effect 2, you will have the option of importin This site was designed with the .com. website builder. Create your website today. Start Now. Blog. How to import a headmorph into your Mass Effect 3 save game. Headmorphs let you swap appearances between save games and you'll recognize them by the file extension .me3headmorph. Download the latest version of Gibbed's ME3 Savegame Editor. Open up Gibbed's save editor and you will see a row of buttons and 2 rows of tabs. 1. Hit Open and load the save game you want to edit. 2. Navigate to the.

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  1. Mass Effect 2 ist der zweite Teil der Trilogie um Commander Shepard. Ihr befindet euch im Jahr 2185, zwei Jahre nach den Ereignissen aus dem ersten Teil. Das Spiel wird um einiges düsterer als.
  2. Die Mass Effect: Legendary Edition erscheint am 14. Mai für die PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One und den PC. Due Remaster-Versionen zeichnen sich vor allem durch eine optimierte Technik aus. So.
  3. Selecting to import your own Witcher 2 save will automatically fill in the choices with those you made in the previous game (This option is only available if your saved game file is in the correct location: Users > [username] > My Documents > Witcher 2 > gamesaves before launching the game). Without a Witcher 2 saved game . Without save game files, selecting a simulated save option in the.
  4. 'Mass Effect 2' (ALL) Details Save Game Imports, New Game +, And Bonusses - Trailer by Rainier on Dec. 28, 2009 @ 4:18 p.m. PS
  5. Mass Effect 2 save import - how stats, levels, credits and more transfer to ME3. Things are much simpler transferring over to Mass Effect 3 than they are going from the original to ME2. Your.
  6. Mass Effect makes a save (maximum of 12 times) every time you complete the game. You're unable to see said saves when loading them in ME for example but these are the saves you're able to import into ME2

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For better or worse, the Legendary Edition wants you to forge on into Mass Effect 2 - and so perhaps the level scaling has been adjusted to ensure people can get the maximum bonus on their save. - Upon starting a new game from the main menu, players can import a character save from Mass Effect 1 - The Player chooses which character to bring in. Bringing in more than one character is possible, this will create a second or additional profile(s), just like in Mass Effect 1. - For Xbox 360 players need to be signed into your profile that you used to play through Mass Effect 1. - On PC.

With the demo for Mass Effect 3 coming out on the 14th I would like to have some save games set up to play through the 3rd one. However I only have one Renegade and one Paragon save. And the many different possibilities (the romance options alone!) make me feel like that's not gonna happen. Unfortunately I am not willing to play mass effect 1. The only issue we encountered in importing our Mass Effect 2 save was the absence of our Shepard's facial data, meaning we had to re-create him from scratch. Thankfully, we managed to do a pretty.

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  2. Whomever dies in the suicide mission stays dead in Mass Effect 3 if you import your save data (which you should). Mass Effect 2 bad ending: Shepard dies The worst Mass Effect 2 ending sees Shepard.
  3. This past summer, we learned that Mass Effect 2 players could import save files from the previous entry in the franchise, bringing all of the decisions made in the first game into the sequel. But are decisions capable of decimating hordes of insidious, robotic invaders? No, boosted stats and abilities are -- and according to a recent forum post from BioWare Community Coordinator Chris Priestly.
  4. Mass Effect: Andromeda: Character importing through Mass Effect Archives. If you want to import and export your character data, you'll need to create an account on the Mass Effect Archives website.
  5. erals were found in Mass Effect 1, Shepard launched into the second game with 5000 of each element, which was essential to preparing the ship and crew for Mass Effect 2's iconic suicide mission. A Shepard who earned the Rich achievement would start the second game with 150,000 credits, and their Renegade/Paragon points would also carry over. Though skill points.
  6. Mass Effect 2 - v1.02 +13 Trainer - Download. Gameplay-facilitating trainer for Mass Effect 2. This trainer may not necessarily work with your copy of the game. file type Trainer. file size 936.6 KB. downloads 44049 (last 7 days) 98. last update Friday, January 7, 2011. Free download. Report problems with download to [email protected] In order to unpack this file after download, please enter.
  7. Players of the first Mass Effect can import save games to continue the story of their own Commander Shepard. New players will find a thrilling stand-alone adventure awaits them - a polished and action packed adventure that surpasses the first game in nearly every possible way. Learn More Intense Third Person Combat Take cover, command an elite squad with ease, utilize 19 weapon classes.

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  1. The release of Mass Effect: Andromeda made me realize that I need to finally finish the original trilogy, so I bought ME3, popped it into my XBox One, and downloaded. I then fired up my failing XBox360 and moved my ME2 save to the Cloud. For completeness' sake, I also moved my ME1 save and the ME2 Importer to Cloud storage, as well. When I fire up ME3 on the XBOne, everything works fine.
  2. I'm putting together an improved character creator mod for Mass Effect 3 (better hair colour, skin tone, eye colour options, etc.) and extra hairstyles - selectable during character creation. At the moment I'm using other NPC styles, but would love to be able to use some of these, if that was okay with you? I would link to your site with full credit
  3. Mass Effect 2 en 3DJuegos: Hola! Mi problema es que no consigo importar la partida guardada de mi mass effect 1 al 2. He leido que hay que darle a configurar en el launcher y eso, pero es que yo.

Level 30 (Maximum) erreichen, auch ohne Savegame-Import

  1. Documents/Bioware/Mass Effect 2/Save . Ici on met les répertoire de sauvegarde de me2; ex : John_33_Soldat_240110 . Pour la sauvegarde du perso de me2 ayant comme prénom John, niveau 33 avec la.
  2. In case you were wondering, these codes DO work in most part for Mass Effect 3. You just have to add the code into the ME3 Gibbed Save Editor - Guide here . Steel Gre
  3. Mass Effect Andromeda Heroes View your custom Ryders created in Mass Effect: Andromeda, share them with your friends, and choose one to use on your next playthrough. Facebook Twitter YouTub

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Your Mass Effect save game contains all of that information. When you import it into Mass Effect 2, now we can continue mining all that information. And it's not just what your ending was, or a. Mass Effect 2 BioWare | Electronic Arts | Released 2010. summary; articles; tutorials; reviews; files; addons; mods; videos; images; Two years after Commander Shepard repelled invading Reapers bent on the destruction of organic life, a mysterious new enemy has emerged. On the fringes of known space, something is silently abducting entire human colonies. Now Shepard must work with Cerberus, a. Experience over an hour of action-packed and immersive gameplay from Mass Effect 2. As Commander Shepard, you must survive and escape from a Cerberus space station under siege. Then play through an intense mid-game mission where you must rescue an infamous convict from an impenetrable prison ship. Once you have completed the demo, you can carry over YOUR progress and character into the full. If you do not obtain enough Military Strength during Mass Effect 3, you will be forced to pick the Destroy option during the finale of Mass Effect 3. If you save the Collector base: You earn Renegade Points. In the end scene of Mass Effect 2, the star behind the Illusive Man is red. (Or red and blue if Shepard died.

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